Sole E95 Elliptical Assembly

E95 Pre-Assembly 01 As unboxed by JB Hunt (final mile service).jpg E95 Pre-Assembly 02 Hardware pack.jpg E95 Pre-Assembly 03 Tools confirmed against manual.jpg E95 Step 1 01 Hardware for Incline Rail and Console Mast (keep in this order).jpg E95 Step 1-1 01 Near arms, Main Frame & Incline Rail ready.jpg E95 Step 1-1 02 Install Incline Rail into U-channel of Main Frame.jpg E95 Step 1-1 03 Whte dust on side of U-channel easily removed with damp rag; problem - holes are misaligned.jpg E95 Step 1-1 04 Rug higher than mat, rolled back, holes can now be aligned.jpg E95 Step 1-1 05 Bolts in, ground wire blocks one nut.jpg E95 Step 1-1 06 Grounding screw loosened, wire moved, screw tightened.jpg E95 Step 1-1 07 My old ratchet driver helped tighten bolts for this connection.jpg E95 Step 1-1 08 Insert Bolts (135), Splits (182), Flats (170) & Stars (183, below).jpg E95 Step 1-1 09 Tighten Bolts.jpg E95 Step 1-2 01 Connect the wire harnesses (48 & 49).jpg E95 Step 1-2 02 Using rear handle & front wheels, position machine on mat (optional from Sole; 76-in mat is just long enough; dents go away).jpg E95 Step 1-3 01 Lean the Console Mast (12) conveniently for wiring, top on floor.jpg E95 Step 1-3 02 Wrapped computer cable (50) is too bulky to pull through the mast.jpg E95 Step 1-3 03 Looking up Mast, long (fish) twist tie passes axle.jpg E95 Step 1-3 04 Unwrap Computer Cable, tie up with bottom end of long (fish) twist tie.jpg E95 Step 1-3 05 Gently pull long (fish) twist tie from top of Mast (by floor).jpg E95 Step 1-3 06 Computer Cable (50) out the top of the Mast.jpg E95 Step 1-3 07 Four Bolt (125), Split (180) & Flat (164) assemblies.jpg E95 Step 1-3 08 Warning on computer cable (captured earlier).jpg E95 Step 1-3 09 Holding the computer cable taut (per yellow warning).jpg E95 Step 1-3 10 Carefully lift mast up & turn to lean toward rear; install & hand tighten one bolt assembly.jpg E95 Step 1-3 11 Insert and hand-tighten other three bolt assemblies.jpg E95 Step 1-3 12 Tighten bolts with Allen Wrench (217).jpg E95 Step 1-3 13 Record serial number on page 1 of manual, before it gets covered up.jpg E95 Step 1-4 01 Test Bottle Holder (197) on Mast (12).jpg E95 Step 1-4 02 Remove Bottle Holder and Insert two screws (141).jpg E95 Step 1-4 03 Refit Bottle Holder and screw it to mast.jpg E95 Step 1-5 01 Five wire assemblies from Console (45).jpg E95 Step 1-5 02 Back of Console (45).jpg E95 Step 1-5 03 Five wire assemblies at top of Mast.jpg E95 Step 1-5 04 Gently lean console against handles.jpg E95 Step 1-5 05 Connect the computer cables.jpg E95 Step 1-5 06 Connect the black (2-wire) console cables.jpg E95 Step 1-5 07 Connect the white (3-wire) console cables.jpg E95 Step 1-5 08 Stuff all the cables into the console.jpg E95 Step 1-5 09 Mate the console to the mast so that brass nuts show through.jpg E95 Step 1-5 10 Holding the console with one hand, from the top (get help if small hand).jpg E95 Step 1-5 11 Thread the first screw (141) by hand.jpg E95 Step 1-5 12 Thread the other three screws by hand.jpg E95 Step 1-5 13 Tighten all four screws.jpg E95 Step 1-5 14 Demonstrating maximum console recline.jpg E95 Step 1-5 15 Demonstrating maximum console incline.jpg E95 Step 2 01 Hardware for Lower Handle Bar Arms.jpg E95 Step 2 02 Hardware order preserved.jpg E95 Step 2-1 01 Remove covers that protect grease on axles.jpg E95 Step 2-1 02 Slide one wave washer (213) onto each side of axle.jpg E95 Step 2-2 01 Pick up Left (134) lower handle bar arm.jpg E95 Step 2-2 02 Slide left arm onto left side of axle.jpg E95 Step 2-2 03 Slide Right (14) arm onto right side of axle.jpg E95 Step 2-3 01 Start to hand tighten Bolt (132) and Flat (165) into left end of axle.jpg E95 Step 2-3 02 Tighten bolt with closed end of wrench.jpg E95 Step 2-3 03 Start to hand tighten Bolt (132) and Flat (165) into right end of axle.jpg E95 Step 2-3 04 Tighten bolt with closed end of wrench.jpg E95 Step 2-4 01 Required Spacer (24) found on floor, from rod end of left lower handle bar arm.jpg E95 Step 2-4 02 Rod end fits into this slot.jpg E95 Step 2-4 03 With Spacer (24)  inserted, fit rod end into slot and insert Bolt (134).jpg E95 Step 2-4 04 Fit Flat (170) and Nut (159) onto Bolt.jpg E95 Step 2-4 05 Tighten with 13mm open end on Nut and 12mm open end on Bolt.jpg E95 Step 2-4 06 Twist tie holds required spacer (24) into rod end of right lower arm.jpg E95 Step 2-4 07 Remove twist tie, keep spacer in place, and bolt the right arm ends together.jpg E95 Step 3 01 Hardware for Upper Handlebar Arms.jpg E95 Step 3-1 01 Bolt (206) assemblies with Nuts (187), two with Curved (181) and four with Flat (164) washers.jpg E95 Step 3-1 02 Left Upper Swing Arm (10) next to installed left Lower Arm (13).jpg E95 Step 3-1 03 End of Swing Arm (L-10), two of six holes this side.jpg E95 Step 3-1 04 Insert Swig Arm, then three bolt assemblies (curved from side).jpg E95 Step 3-1 05 Complete bolt assemblies from other side (curved washer on side).jpg E95 Step 3-1 06 Use closed ends of both wrenches to tighten all bolts.jpg E95 Step 3-1 07 Left arm all done, proceed to right.jpg E95 Step 3-1 08 Right upper arm inserted, bolt assemblies are ready to tighten.jpg E95 Step 3-1-09 Right arm bolts tightened.jpg E95 Step 3-2 01 Arm wire assemblies ready to connect.jpg E95 Step 3-2 02 Arm wires connected.jpg E95 Step 3-2 03 Stuff the arm wires into the mast (12).jpg E95 Step 3-2 04 Fit a rubber grommet (75) to each arm wire.jpg E95 Step 3-2 05 Left grommet ready to insert.jpg E95 Step 3-2 06 Use the round end of a wrench to force the grommet into the hole in the mast.jpg E95 Step 3-2 07 Left grommet installed.jpg E95 Step 3-2 08 Right grommet installed.jpg E95 Step 4 01 Hardware for Plastic Parts.jpg E95 Step 4 02 You should label each & add screws - see 1st  pic for each sub-step.jpg E95 Step 4-01 01 Console Mast Cover (96 & 96~1) with four Sheets (142).jpg E95 Step 4-01 02 Base of console mast (12); be sure you recorded serial number on page 1.jpg E95 Step 4-01 03 Fit cover to mast.jpg E95 Step 4-01 04 Insert Sheet Metal Screws (142) from right side and tighten [four screws].jpg E95 Step 4-01 05 Console mast cover installed.jpg E95 Step 4-02 01 Tablet Holder (196) with four Sheets (142).jpg E95 Step 4-02 02 Mount Tablet Holder to top back of Console; screws ready to tighten.jpg E95 Step 4-03 01 Inner Connecting Arm Covers (111 & 112) with two Sheets (142) and two Machines (139) each.jpg E95 Step 4-03 02 Assemble Left Connecting Arm Cover in place, and prepare to tighten first Machine (139).jpg E95 Step 4-03 03 Tighen second Machine Screw (139) with short driver (185).jpg E95 Step 4-03 04 Insert and tighten both Sheets (142) using short driver.jpg E95 Step 4-03 05 Now the right side connection.jpg E95 Step 4-03 06 One Machine (139) each side, and two Sheets (142, top & bottom) on outside.jpg E95 Step 4-04 01 Two outer Connecting Arm Covers (109 & 110), with four Sheets (142) and four Machines (139) [error in manual].jpg E95 Step 4-04 02 Inside of inside left connecting cover; middle posts slot into holes on arm.jpg E95 Step 4-04 03 Inside left connecting cover slotted in place.jpg E95 Step 4-04 04 Outside left connecting cover slotted place.jpg E95 Step 4-04 05 Secure outside cover with one Machine screw.jpg E95 Step 4-04 06 Secure inside cover with one Machine screw.jpg E95 Step 4-04 07 Secure covers to each other with two Sheet screws on the inside.jpg E95 Step 4-04 08 Install the right connector cover (three holes on outside, one inside).jpg E95 Step 4-05 01 Sliding Wheel Covers (104) with two Machine screws (139) each.jpg E95 Step 4-05 02 Cover goes over the wheels on this arm.jpg E95 Step 4-05 03 Install the cover with two Machine screws.jpg E95 Step 4-05 04 Install the other cover.jpg E95 Step 4-06 01 Stabilizer covers (117 & 118) with one Machine screw each.jpg E95 Step 4-06 02 Left end of middle stabilizer bar.jpg E95 Step 4-06 03 Left Stabilizer Cover installed (notch toward back).jpg E95 Step 4-06 04 Right Stabilizer Cover installed (notch toward back).jpg E95 Step 4-06 05 Looking ahead to how notches will fit.jpg E95 Step 4-07 01 Front stabilizer cover with two Machine screws.jpg E95 Step 4-07 02 Front Stabilizer Cover in front of stabilizer.jpg E95 Step 4-07 03 Install the stablilzer with the two Machine screws.jpg E95 Step 4-07 04 Draws 5 amps at 120 volts (40% of 15A outlet capacity).jpg E95 Step 4-08 01Two Incline Cover Brackets (25), four Stubby Machine Screws (145), Incline Cover (115) & two Machine Screws (139).jpg E95 Step 4-08 02 Machined holes on left side at rear.jpg E95 Step 4-08 03 Install left bracket (25), angled to rear, with stubby machine screws (145).jpg E95 Step 4-08 04 Install right bracket (25), angled to rear, with stubby machine screws (145).jpg E95 Step 4-08 05 Left mounting hole for Rear Incline Bar Cover (115).jpg E95 Step 4-08 06 Mount Rear Incline Bar Cover with two of the usual Machine screws.jpg E95 Step 4-09 01 Rear Stabilizer Cover (116) with two Machine Screws (139).jpg E95 Step 4-09 02 Rear Stabilizer cover with screws inserted, opposite raised mounting holes.jpg E95 Step 4-09 03 Screw down the Rear Stabilizer Cover.jpg E95 Step 4-10 01 Left Front and Rear Handle Bar Covers (top, 105 & 106, etched L), Right covers (bottom, etched R), four Sheets per set.jpg E95 Step 4-10 02 Pull & bend wire behind bolt end at left handle bar.jpg E95 Step 4-10 03 Fit rear cover to handle bar, routing wire safely below screw tunnel.jpg E95 Step 4-10 04 Fit front cover to handle bar; note cutout for wire at grommet.jpg E95 Step 4-10 05 Insert and tighten four Sheet Metal Screws (142).jpg E95 Step 4-10 06 Repeat procedure for the right cover (107 & 108).jpg E95 Step 4-11 01 Incline Rail Front Cover (113) with four Machine screws (139).jpg E95 Step 4-11 02 Power cord is #14 wire, for appliance up to 12 amps.jpg E95 Step 4-11 03 Connect the power cord to power and the machine (left front), and flip the switch on.jpg E95 Step 4-11 04 Read the notice and remove the clean-adhesive screen protector.jpg E95 Step 4-11 05 Perform the procedure in the notice (made no apparent difference for me).jpg E95 Step 4-11 06 Using any of the three up-incline buttons, change to level 8 (left number on screen).jpg E95 Step 4-11 07 Top view of incline rail (note four screw holes).jpg E95 Step 4-11 08 Fit the cover, wide end and notches front, and secure with four Machine Screws (139).jpg E95 Step 4-11 09 All done, but two Machine Screws (139) left over [probably for model E95S].jpg E95 X1 Final result, front view (should be in manual).jpg E95 X2 Final result, rear view (should be in manual).jpg